Bears of the World Art Print
Bears Close Up

Bears of the World Field Guide Art Print

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This watercolor painting features bears from around the world as a field guide classification chart. It features the following bears:

  • Black Bear
  • Brown Bear
  • Moon Bear
  • Panda Bear
  • Polar Bear
  • Sloth Bear
  • Spectacled
  • Sun Bear

I did not include subspecies in this list, as for the Brown Bear alone there are argued to be 90! Just in case you are wondering where the well known Grizzly Bear and Kodiak Bear are, they are subspecies of the Brown Bear. The Florida Black Bear is my local bear, and it is a subspecies of the Black Bear.

This is a large signed print of the original piece, printed on 13"x19" inch Professional Canon Luster paper. 

It is packaged in an archival poly bag and ships in a tube. 

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