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Mushrooms Field Guide Art Print
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Mushrooms Field Guide Art Print

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This field guide classification chart is done in watercolor, and features many of my favorite mushrooms.

Mushrooms included are:

  • Chanterelle
  • Fairies Bonnets
  • Fly Agaric
  • Magpie Cap
  • Monk's Head
  • Plums and Custard
  • The Amethyst Deceiver¬†
  • The Beautiful Russula
  • The Cep
  • The Death Cap
  • The Iodine Scented Mycena
  • The Panther Cap
  • The Shredded Collybia

It is printed on 8.5"x11" inch Professional Canon Luster paper and signed. The print has a white border, and is standard size for easy framing. It is packaged in an archival poly bag.

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