Order early- like right now!! We are shipping promptly, but the USPS is seeing minor to significant delays. No delivery dates can be guaranteed this year. The demand for shipping this holiday season will be unprecedented and how the USPS will handle this is yet to be seen, so please be patient during these crazy times!

Incognito mode activated! 🕶
From now until Christmas all shipments are going incognito, so if it's a gift for someone in the same household it won't be obvious what it is! Kate Dolamore Art will still appear on the shipping label but we are leaving off all other branding and decoration. (Unless you'd like to request otherwise!)

In other news, a bunch of awesome nature artists got together to create a free fun for all ages activity book to keep ya busy! 👩‍🎨🐋🦉🖍 Find it here ➡ FREE ACTIVITY BOOK!