Watercolor woodpeckers painting in progress.

I've always been an artist, and when I tried watercolor painting in 2001 I was immediately hooked. While my subjects for painting have changed over the years, my main inspiration has always been nature. I started doing my field guide paintings in 2010 in order to become better at identifying birds, a collection of paintings that has since gone far beyond birds.

I live in Central Florida, where there is an abundance of trails, parks, and bird watching- from the woods, to the wetlands, and the beach. With the endless inspiration that nature supplies, I create watercolor paintings using tiny paintbrushes and precise strokes for the fine details. Another important part of my process is careful research for accuracy in my representation of things in nature, albeit giving my animals and birds a friendly smile and a twinkle to their eye.

Everything I sell I create, print, and package from my home.

My painting supplies are blocks of either Arches or Fabriano watercolor paper and Winsor & Newton Artist's watercolor paint.

Work space and watercolor birds in progress.