Framing Tips

The majority of my prints are 19x13 inches. This is a not the most common size, but fear not, there are options that do not involve custom framing!

Wall Frames

Ready made frames can be found at craft stores, frame shops, and online. With ready made frames you can easily pop the print right in and be ready to hang.
Michaels Arts & Crafts has the most popular choices and they frequently go on sale (regularly priced at $11.99-$39.99  as of 2022). 
JOANN Fabric & Crafts has a couple options which also frequently go on sale (regularly priced at $12.99-$19.99 as of 2022).
Target has some options too, particularly on their website, which also go on sale from time to time (regularly priced at $32.00-$73.99  as of 2022).
You can check these stores websites to see if they have the frames in stock before going shopping, or order online.
Additionally, if you want to go with a matted look, I suggest going up to an 18x24 frame. 13x19 mats for 18x24 frames can be ordered precut online or you can have one custom cut at a frame shop.

Poster Hangers

Poster hangers are a vintage style that has had a come back. Magnetic wood hangers are an affordable and easy way to hang prints. And personally, I have a collection of vintage wooden pants hangers from Etsy or eBay that I like to use (these do sometimes leave marks on the prints though).

Custom Framing

Of course, if you want to go with custom framing, it's an option and local frame shops are awesome.
If you don't want to leave the house, I love Frame It Easy, which has a plethora of options but will require installing the artwork yourself upon arrival. But like their name, they do make it easy. (You can save 10% by using my referral link- click here!)
Signed and Numbered on Etsy is similar in that you'll need to put the art in, but they have some unique vintage and rustic style options and it is a great way to continue supporting small business.
For a full custom frame experience, several of my customers have been happy with using Framebridge, and you can set it up so that I ship the art directly to them for framing (set up the order on Framebridge first, then enter their address as the ship to address).
I hope this helps!