Free Downloads

"Sorry your present is late" Tortoise Card

Package delayed in the mail, or ordered too late? 🎁 I have created a "sorry your present is late" card you can print out and give as a place holder for gifts that are delayed: find it here! 🐢 


Nature Activity Book

A bunch of awesome nature artists got together to create a free fun for all ages activity book to keep ya busy! 👩‍🎨🐋🦉🖍 Find it here ➡ FREE ACTIVITY BOOK!


Milkweeds of Florida 

For Florida native plant enthusiasts, I've created a Milkweeds of Florida bingo/scavenger hunt. You can use it as a checklist for your milkweed sightings or as a fun challenge while out in the field. 

There are a few different sets of cards available to download and print.

  • South/Central Florida, each card includes the native milkweeds found in South/Central Florida
  • North Florida, each card includes the native milkweeds found in North Florida
  • Florida, each card includes the 21 native milkweeds found throughout Florida 

*When searching for native milkweeds in nature, make sure to follow the principles of leave no trace!