A perfect Sunday for the Grandma Party Bazaar.

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This past Sunday was Grandma Party Bazaar in Orlando. The weather was PERFECT, cool and sunny! It was a great day to be out and I think everybody was feeling it.  I had an awesome time hanging out there! I snapped a few photos on the instagram. Here is a shot of my table:

The stuff at this event gets better every year. I am impressed by all the local talent.  

Clay Curiosities:


Glas Good:

Nina Mantra:

Be Kind, Eat Sweets:

Orenda Herbal:

Cherry Runway:


Thanks for the beautiful day!  

I did miss the Grandma/Grandpa choir this year, this old guy singing Christmas songs was my favorite thing last year:  

One of the cool things about craft shows is hearing what people are looking for... this year I got requests for hummingbirds, (more) owls, pigeons, and swallow-tailed kites. I always take note, as my carnivorous plants piece came from a suggestion for more plants from last years Grandma Party.  So, hummingbirds are in the works!

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