Chuck's-wills-widow are birds commonly heard around here, but they're elusive and rarely seen. So this was a dream come true for me... a Chuck-will's-widow nest! My aunt had found the bird in my grandparents woods and told me it flushed when you entered the area. So I came around, and there was the bird- which in itself the adults are super awesome to see! When it flushed, I didn't see a nest, but checked with my binoculars- and sure enough- a nest with chicks! You can't even see them without the binoculars because they blend in so well. They look just like leaves. The most adorable leaves you ever did see, that is.

The parent in the distance:

The parent was doing the broken wing dance and then flying at my face, so I snapped the photos quickly and then left the area so it could get back to it's chicks and not be disturbed. Cool to see them, but I'd rather respect their space and not cause distress.

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