City of Ember + thrift finds.

I took my younger sister to see City of Ember yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed the book so I wanted to see it. I thought it was very good, and that it did stay true to the book. The City of Ember is an underground world that hasn't had anything new come into it in 200+ years. Everything is patched and mended, but can't be patched and mended much more. It's a neat concept and the set and costumes were really cool to look at. Well done! There were a few silly bits they could have done without, but overall we both liked it.

The movie is going pretty much unnoticed though. I wasn't even sure it was out yet due to lack of advertising. That's a shame, I don't suppose they'll make a People of Sparks!

Anyway, here are a couple of thrift finds from Friday. An old school Sesame Street jar, and two matching Anchor Hocking bowls.

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