Last month I was busy creating some very specific things for people. The first piece was for my friend that I just visited in Colorado. I wanted to thank her with a painting, so I did this piece of her three dogs:

That is the second time I have painted pets/dogs. It takes a lot of concentration and looking at photos on instagram! ha! But true...

The second piece is a tattoo design of a Calliope Hummingbird. This is the fifth tattoo design I've done, but surprisingly the first bird! I am always super super honored that people want to put my art on their bodies.

The third piece is a bear, holding a chipmunk, with a Northern Cardinal (female) on it's shoulder. This piece represents "The Roberts Family". And, I think, absolutely adorable. I was really happy to paint this because I love the idea!

If anyone is interested in a commissions, you can e-mail me at or send an etsy conversation.

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