I tried out embossing several weeks ago and I finally got around to taking photos of the results! With this type of embossing you:

1) use a rubber stamp and make a stamp with a watermark ink pad

2) sprinkle the watermark stamp with embossing powder and blow off any extra powder

3) set the embossing powder with a heat gun

This is the result:

It creates nice, raised, dimensional lines. I used the rubber stamps I carved and posted about a while back.

One of my favorite parts with embossing is the little powder particles that get left behind get heat set too and they are these little tiny dots... it may be an imperfection (they actually sell a tool to prevent this) but it's my favorite part!

I borrowed the embossing tools from a friend, and in the end, I'm not convinced on investing in my own tools quite yet... but it is pretty cool. I think I need to practice rubber stamp carving more to get my desired results. I might first invest in stamp carving knives as right now I am just using a simple craft knife.

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