Inspirational artists: Terry Miller and Starr Kempf.


Stumbled upon some great art by accident in Colorado. While visiting and drinking from the magical springs of Manitou Springs, we walked by the gallery of Terry Miller. I LOVE her colorful animals, they are cute and so original. I brought home two prints of Buffalo to frame and hang at home, can't wait to get them up! Here is a beautiful mural outside the gallery:

And here is a photo from inside the gallery of Terry Miller at work!

See more of Terry Miller's work on her facebook page (+shop). Then, as we headed out to Helen Hunt Falls in Colorado Springs, we drove by this amazing wind sculpture...

It turns out to be the work of Starr Kempf. He is now deceased, it is the sad tale of a troubled artist. This was his home, and the yard is full of amazing sculptures that tower over the home and all move in the wind!!

They are all exactly my style. I am so impressed! Definitely worth a visit. I wish his work was all over the world, it is really beautiful. I was very sorry to learn that some of his work is no longer even assembled. While visiting, and not knowing he had died, I thought the pieces laying on the ground were works in progress. The story of his death and what followed are very unfortunate. I hope those pieces can go back up some day. Here is an interesting video about Starr Kempf.

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