Making shirts with freezer paper stencils.


One of the Christmas gifts I gave this year were shirts that I had decorated. I made freezer paper stencils from my designs. My designs are pretty complex as stencils go, but they do not take long to cut out using a small swivel knife. You just have to keep the iron ready to get the designs on the t-shirt, or you risk losing those little cut outs! But I think the freezer paper stencil technique makes such a good result, much like a screenprint. (Here is a tutorial at Cut Out and Keep.)

Here is a dandy little bird:

And a pygmy marmoset, one of those ugly-but-cute animals:

I also made one with a shiny silver barn owl, and another with a red panda (so cute!!) but of course I forgot to take photos!! I used Tulip brand soft fabric paint, I got a bunch of the paint pot sets on clearance so I have a stockpile of colors. They are nice paints.

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