Renegade Brooklyn.

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While I was in NYC a couple weeks ago I went to Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. I spent way more than I intended to, got tons of ideas, and went home with a huge stack of business cards to remind me of things I want to get later.

Miniature Rhino:


Where are you from? @ Shop Dirtsa:


Let's Be Friends:


Felt Forest:


The Bocket Store:




Abby Berkson Ceramics:


Adrienne Patrick:


As for buying things, I spent the most at Rinse. My feet were hurting from the trip, I felt dirty from the subway, and this was stuff was like magic. We even went back the next day to buy more. Love the peppofoot stick!

Rinse Bath & Body Co.:


I bought one of the tiny crochet hair clips from Wren Handmade.

Wren Handmade:


Tidiworld was so cute. I bought a towel with Little Red Riding Hood on it, which I intend to hang in my window.



I also bought things from Ashdel Handmade, Gnome Enterprises, Ink + Sword, Jay McCarroll, Mary Ink, and Red Prairie Press.   And I should bought something from The Maple Ridge because his stuff was awesome!!

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