Rubber stamp carving.


Back in November I carved my first rubber stamp, so I had my own to use when letterboxing. It was so easy, that I made a few more!

First off, I'm afraid my stamps might look a bit rough. I've been using an xacto knife with just a *slightly* diagonal blade (not the very pointy ones that might be better for detail) that is also old and actually rusty!! (I should definitely buy new blades...) But, anyway, the point is I'm not using the blades that are actually meant for stamp carving.

So, here are the two I carved this week... a barn owl, and a cute bird couple (thinking of love, with Valentine's Day coming up).

Here they are stamped out, along with some of the other stamps I've made: a little bird measuring 1.5" and a Totoro.

It sort of seems like the possibilities are endless with making your own rubber stamps and what you can do with them! I don't know the first thing about rubber stamping techniques, but I'm gonna learn. This has gone  a little beyond letterboxing...

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