Rufus Wainwright.

On Friday night my boyfriend and I went to see Rufus Wainwright.

He had not been to Florida in many years and I'm so glad he returned. Last time he was here he came to the House of Blues with a full band, including Teddy Thompson, and Martha Wainwright opening. It was amazing! Of course, I imagine every show he's done has been amazing.

This was very different from that, more relaxed and just beautiful!! He played solo, at a seated venue- a nice performing arts center in Melbourne. We had great seats in the fourth row. I was smiling through the whole thing, and the hour long drive home, and in going to sleep, and the next morning... he's wonderful! I hope he doesn't wait another five years before returning to Florida.

Rufus congratulated Florida for becoming a blue state, and in 'Going To a Town' sang "I'm NOT so tired of America". But he did sing that he was tired of California, and Florida... I'm tired of Florida too, even though Florida may be blue, a dreadful thing passed that is against gays, and which affects all domestic partnerships. meh.

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