The Birds of June.

So in the beginning of June I mentioned the challenges I was taking on for June... to go outside everyday for at least 30 minutes, and also find as many species of birds as possible in my county. It was fun, and I am kind of glad June is over because it's hot outside and I am staying home today!!

For the bird challenge I found 52 birds. All last week I saw not a single new species until yesterday, when I saw an adorable little Carolina Chickadee. When I heard it's song I immediately knew it was not something I had heard in a while, and there it was up in the tree!

I have at this point drawn almost every bird that can be seen in Florida so I did some cutting and pasting from my paintings and made this to document the birds I saw:

I know many others saw more birds than I within my county, but I am now excited for next June to do it again and compare my results!

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