The Morbid Mushrooms Painting.

field guide paintings

I have finished a new Mushroom Chart, I am calling it "The Morbid Mushrooms" because for this one I picked the ones with the creepiest names out there. I love having collections of paintings so I did this one in thinking it could compliment my previous Mushroom Chart, or the Carnivorous Plants Chart!


Witch's Hat

Corpse Finder

Deadly Dapperling

Poison Pie

Destroying Angel

Deadly Parasol

Fool's Mushroom

Red-staining Inocybe

Devil's Urn

The Sickener

Dead Man's Fingers

Deadly Webcap

Autumn Skull Cap

I end with the first Mushroom Chart I did a while back.

Both will be available as prints when my shop opens back up in May!

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