There is a bee colony in the walls!

First, we saw a few bees in the house so we went outside and looked around. We found them on the wall outside getting in through the gutter.

One morning I woke up to hear them buzzing so loudly I could not sleep. That was when I started putting my ear up against the wall and they were EVERYWHERE IN THERE! You could actually feel the wall vibrating. That same day they started getting inside the house in record numbers. Through outlets, window frames, who knows... even after I taped everything off they were still getting inside. The cat was enthralled and spent all day playing, catching, and eating them.

After a few long days of being too terrified of the buzzing to sleep in my bedroom, the beekeeper finally lured them to a new "bee box" outside and they will be relocated. The beekeeper will be back to remove the hive in the walls in a few days. I hope I get to see it!

It's been a really surreal experience. I never would have expected to have my home infiltrated by bees!

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