Bio-Lab Road.

belted kingfisher black-necked stilt bobcat merritt island nwr mushrooms roseate spoonbill

I spent last weekend out at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Saturday was a beach day, it felt amazing! But the water is still too cold. I saw a Crested Caracara on the way home which was the most exciting bird sighting of the day, sadly I was driving down a busy road at 60 mph at the time.

Sunday was specifically for birdwatching, down Bio-Lab Road. Days later I am still itching from the all the mosquitoes, but it was worth it! Most of the birds were far from the road and not good for photographing, but fun to watch in any case. I love all the ducks. The best thing was seeing a pair of bobcats!

Roseate Spoonbills are always stunning.

Osprey with a fresh fish.

Black-necked Stilt, so cute. Quite a few of them out there.


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