The Little Nuthatch — black-necked stilt

Black Point Drive.

black-necked stilt green heron insects merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill

Here are some photos from Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge's Black Point Drive (birding drive). It's a bit quiet at this time of year, but still things to see. Always a lot of Green Heron's nesting out there, here are some youngins' out and about with cute fuzz on their heads... Lots of Roseate Spoonbill's... Gorgeous Black-necked Stilt's which are also nest out there... Love that pose! And last but not least, there are bugs everywhere. It's a little stressful trying to keep them out of your car when on the drive. But I enjoy seeing them on the plants......

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Morning at Merritt Island NWR.

black-necked stilt flowers green heron insects merritt island nwr

A few photos here from a short trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Sometimes you don't have time for the full day excursion but a little trip is certainly something to be grateful for!          

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Summertime at Merritt Island NWR.

black-necked stilt flowers merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill

I spent an afternoon at Merritt Island NWR a few weeks ago. I was really trying to go to the beach but sadly learned they close the beach off at 4:30 instead of sunset now. Closing a beach in the afternoon during Summer in Florida seems crazy to me, but okay. I went birdwatching instead! I love this time of year because you can see all ages of Black-necked Stilts and Green Herons- from fledgelings to birds still on the nest with eggs. While the nests are hard to photograph and better viewed with binoculars, here are a few photos...

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A dreary but beautiful morning.

black-necked stilt flowers great blue heron green heron insects merritt island nwr prairie warbler roseate spoonbill

Knowing I was getting out of work early today, all I could think about was finally getting in some bird watching time! So despite the dreary clouds looming overhead I got in my car and was off to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, picked up breakfast at Sunrise Bread Co. and was on the beach by 10:30. Found this beautiful Prairie Warbler on the dune. Unfortunately, also discovered the return of mosquitoes. BIG TIME. Rushed back to car! Green Heron   Great Blue Heron Eventually it did start to rain... Black-necked Stilt. Love their legs.   Roseate Spoonbills in the...

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Shorebird chicks.

black-necked stilt green heron merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill willet

Yesterday was the first day of Summer! I got up while it was still dark, and my Mom and I drove over to Merritt Island for some birdwatching. When we got there the sun was up, and making for some beautiful light and sparkling water. My main hope was to see some baby chicks. It didn't take long before we found this fluffy little Willet chick. It's parent was in a tree making a fuss. We saw some other birds... Then I was about to give up hope on finding any more chicks. We had driven down Gator Road, and...

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