ElfQuest love!

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I've posted about ElfQuest before, it's my favorite comic book and what got me into comics, followed by anime. I first read it when I was 9, and immediately started drawing my own elf characters. I met the creators of ElfQuest, Wendy and Richard Pini at Megacon in the mid 90s, I was just a kid and showed them my artwork- I won't be sharing that artwork here, it was so bad!

I was thrilled to find out that they were attending Dragon Con this year, so I could finally see them again after so many years. This was my 10th year attending Dragon Con, and their presence alone made it the best year yet! Their panels were great, although in rooms way too small- hello, Dragon Con, people love ElfQuest!! I was totally star struck in talking with them at their booth, but it was awesome.

To those that have not read ElfQuest, you can read it online for free at elfquest.com! ElfQuest: The Final Quest comes out October 9th and I can't wait.

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