Iceland road trip, day one, part two.


Skogafoss is a large waterfall right off the Ring Road so I thought we might as well stop to take a look. I had no idea how awesome Skogafoss was going to be.

You arrive, and take a look at the main attraction- the huge and powerful waterfall, with Northern Fulmar (resembling a seagull, although not) nesting all around the waterfall on the mossy cliffs surrounding it.


From the bottom, there is a climb to the top of the falls which I have read is 527 steps.

I expected the top to be the end of the journey, but from there you can take a gate through to a trail that goes along the river and leads to many more smaller falls and one stunning view after another.

This place blew my mind with it's unending beauty. I don't know how long the trail is, we got to a point that was so foggy we turned around- but I certainly wish I had time to explore it to it's fullest! And here I had not even expected a trail at all. Don't miss it! Then, there's lots of lovely little flowers to take in. I am a big fan of small flowers and plants that grow under harsh conditions so I was constantly pausing to look closely at the ground and take in the many treasures growing from the rocks.

Skogafoss was the last sight of day one. From there we covered a bit more ground and made it to Vik Campsite for the night.

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