Iceland road trip, day two.


Day two in Iceland was glacier day! First stop, Svinafellsjokull.

The layers of mist, upon moss and black rock, with of course a small waterfall, and then the ice of the glacier... the epitome of Iceland's beauty!

  After that we went to Fjallsjokull for a glacier hike. Thankfully my friend and traveling companion's cousin was in Iceland with a group of college students studying climate change, so we were able to join them on their glacier hike as opposed to going on an expensive tour. I had brought my own crampons (shoe covers with metal spikes) to walk on the ice. Here you can see a group coming down the glacier.  

  From the top of our glacier hike you can see much more glacier beyond towering high above, and to the other side the river and lake from the glacial melt. There are holes and cracks throughout the ice, beautiful little pools of blue, just be careful where you walk.

After Fjallsjokull we went to the Diamond Beach, a black sand beach covered in chunks of ice, a striking contrast.

Across the street from the Diamond Beach is the Jokulsarlon Lagoon. There's a bridge over the lagoon that leads into the ocean and you can see the icebergs floating through to wear they end up on Diamond Beach.

I saw Common Eider in the water, and a Harlequin Duck. Arctic Tern fly all around, seemingly setting up to nest in the fields nearby. After all of our glacier adventures we hit the road, hoping to get some miles in before bedtime. At one point we stopped at this beautiful beach but didn't explore. Check out the little waterfall flowing into the beach. It got extremely foggy and difficult to see the way, so we never made it to a campground and ended up having to stop at a picnic area for the night, with our own little waterfall! While this was right off the Ring Road another car seldom went by. We had only a couple other campers stopped with us.

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