Lake Harney Wilderness Area.

lake harney wilderness

Here is a little peek at Lake Harney Wilderness Area. It is a short hike. The start of the trail is down a sandy road, not to be done on a hot day! Luckily today was very nice. I mean, it is only the first of February!

The River Loop has beautiful sprawling oaks and a crazy amount of spanish moss. Then there are a few good spots to view the river. This is also a historical landmark, and there is a board with a timeline and the history. Starting with an Indian settlement, going to a ferry dock, and then a railroad over the river, of which some remnants remain.

I love the roots of the cypress across the river. Then, in the photo below I knew I was photographing a Great Blue Heron, but the Kingfisher on the fence post could not be seen with the naked eye. Do you see it?

On the walk back I saw an enormous Eagle's nest. Much bigger than the once I have been watching. But I did not see any Eagle's nearby, and according to the Florida Eagle Nest Locator it is no longer active.

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