I've done a little bit of letterboxing with my Mom, and I decided it was time I make my own letterboxing kit.

Letterboxing is where you go to a park and follow directions from a website such as atlasquest.com to go on a hunt for a hidden box! Inside the letterbox is a book with a stamp, so you stamp your book with their stamp and stamp their book with your stamp.

If you're out exploring nature anyway you might as well do a letterbox hunt while you're at it.

I decided to make my own hand carved stamp to use in my letterbox kit. It was so fun and quick! It only took 30 minutes to make it. Now I want to make more! Here is my stamp:

On Thanksgiving we went on a hike along a beautiful series of lakes and found a letterbox that was created in 2004, and had not been found since January! I was very excited because I didn't think it would still be there! Mushroom found on the hike...

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