Ornament Swap 2009.


I took part in the Freshly Blended Ornament Swap this year (I did it last year too). I highly reccomend it!

I made most of my ornaments on a camping trip a few weeks ago. They are like mini versions of my nest paintings. For each one I used a print out of a cardinal painting I did, glued it into a little box, and decorated each one with buttons, beads, and threads.

So far I have only gotten a couple ornaments in the exchange, but I will get 10 total. Look how cool these are:

On the left is an ornament from Deanna in NY and on the right is from Gweneth in Canada. I think it's cool that they are both chairs and make me think of home/relaxing. The first one says "Linger Longer" on the other side of it and is made of clay, while the second is a drawing on leather. Can't wait to see what else comes in the mail!

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