New stationery and prints.

people paintings

I made some new stationery with Little Red Riding Hood. No big bad wolf though... I'm thinking that's in the past and now she can pick flowers without worry! I actually did this painting just for the front page on my website, but when I was done I thought "stationery!" It's fold up stationery, which I've always been particularly fond of.


I've also got some new matted prints. I did these paintings specifically to fit these mats, which I love and have been holding on to for a couple years as I tried to figure out what to do with them! They are a discontinued product from the Martha Stewart Crafts line. I only have a few available to sell with the mats, but I will make plain prints available later on. So, we have a bird watcher in one and the bird she is watching in the other.

The Sea Dragon and Coral is also for sale on etsy now. I got a new printer so I can make BIG prints and things like calendars soon!!

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