North Carolina Mountains Day 4.

canada warbler dark-eyed junco indigo bunting north carolina

On the 4th day of my trip we went up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Mount Pisgah, Graveyard Fields, and then down through Pisgah Forest. Stopping at several overlooks, birds could be heard everywhere but are nearing impossible to locate! I started feeling very discouraged about mountain birdwatching, the way the sound travels on the mountains the birds could be on another mountain for all I can tell! We spotted one person out there with a parabolic microphone to amplify faraway sounds. This is clearly a whole new world of birdwatching.

One bird I did see everywhere were Indigo Buntings. That flash of blue was all over the place!

Indigo Bunting

Young male Indigo Bunting

Canada Warbler on Mt. Pisgah  

Dark-eyed Junco at Graveyard Fields  





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