Pretty things in my studio.

I'm moving soon, and today I am packing up my studio. I love the space I've created here and it's a little sad to pack up, hopefully my new space will be great too, but it's definitely going to be a different sort of thing. I took some photos before I started packing up, so here is a look:

The crochet lily of the valley above is from Suili on etsy.

That is my handy dandy scale for shipping, and filled with yarn is a bowl I made from shredded paper, you can view that craft here at Woman's Day.


'Grandma Birdy' painting by my friend Nancy, with little knick knacks from childhood.

Above is my Oma's german typewriter (she was a writer), and my Grandparent's wedding photo.


That's my collection of Fern Animals from Secret Holiday (I have four). And of course dried flowers and pods in a vintage colgate bottle I found in an old landfill in Maine when I was 13.

End with my cactus and Toki Doki "cactus pups".

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