The Little Nuthatch — florida scrub jay

Morning at Lyonia Preserve.

florida scrub jay flowers lyonia preserve mushrooms

Yesterday I participated in the DeLand Indie Market, which was nestled between old buildings in the downtown, and offered good food and lovely arts and crafts. A great day! DeLand also happens to be near one of my favorite places, the Lyonia Preserve. I left in the dark to get there just after sunrise, allowing time for a walk before the market. Lyonia is home to rare scrub land and one of the few remaining homes of the Florida Scrub Jay. They're friendly birds who usually greet you there, as one did for me yesterday.

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In the sandy scrub.

florida scrub jay flowers insects lyonia preserve

Florida scrub land is endangered, rare and beautiful land on a sandy ridge. Since we just had three weeks of rain and many trails are flooded, I headed to Lyonia Preserve, nice dry scrub, and home to many families of  friendly Florida Scrub Jay.  

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Lyonia Scrub Jay's.

florida scrub jay lyonia preserve mushrooms turkey vulture

One of the most interesting spots for a hike is Lyonia Preserve. It is a sanctuary for the Florida Scrub Jay, a most beautiful and friendly bird. Just a few minutes down the trail, and the birds are already popping in to say hello. The scrub habitat is also pretty interesting. It is dry, sandy, and prone to wildfires.  I love how different it is from most trails. Very sunny, but perfect on a cool Winter day.

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Bird Nest No. 29: Florida Scrub-Jay.

bird nest paintings florida scrub jay flowers lyonia preserve

I haven't posted in a while but not for lack of things to post! Just busy! I promise this week I am going to post it all... starting with this- My latest bird nest! It is a pair of Florida Scrub-Jay's. I did this painting a couple months ago and forgot to post it! I just remembered when I had a lovely encounter with some Scrub-Jay's this week at a place called Lyonia Preserve. Florida Scrub-Jay's are very friendly birds. At Lyonia they have no fear of people and will even land on you. One landed on my head, and...

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