The Little Nuthatch — fort desoto

American Oystercatcher.

american oystercatcher bird nest paintings fort desoto

I visited Fort De Soto Park last weekend, and saw an American Oystercatcher. What stunning birds! This reminded me that I had painted an Oystercatcher nest and never got around to photographing it, so I finally did it today. This was a piece I worked on while camping near the beach back a couple years ago. I collected the shells and things on the beach and glued them to the painting to make the nest. This is similar to an actual Oystercatcher nest, as they commonly nest in sandy spots with shells. Close up:  

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Shorebirds, what?

fort desoto

Fort Desoto is a hotspot for warblers in April, but also a wonderland of shorebirds!    

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Oscar Scherer and Fort De Soto.

flowers fort desoto insects oscar scherer state park yellow-crowned night heron

Today I share some photos from a beautiful sunny day at Oscar Scherer State Park (Osprey, FL), and Fort De Soto Park.                    

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