The Little Nuthatch — great egret

A few from Merritt Island.

great egret merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill snowy egret

I am working on so much new art! In the meantime, here are a few bird photos from an overcast day at Merritt Island...  

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Egret and Pelican.

brown pelican great egret riverbreeze park

Just a couple photos from Riverbreeze Park a couple days ago. Nice pier out to the Indian River. Plenty of gulls, pelicans, and this Great Egret that got a nice catch!

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american white pelican great egret merritt island nwr mushrooms

Friday night we had thunderstorms, followed by an incredibly windy Saturday, and a freezing cold Sunday. One of those days that while cold is bright and sunny and beautiful! A great day to be out. The birds, however, looked like they weren't too happy about the temperature... T he coolest thing I saw was 100 or so American White Pelicans flying over. Seemed like they just kept on coming... such large and graceful birds.  

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Tis the season for birding.

american white pelican bald eagle great egret horned grebe merritt island nwr red-tailed hawk reddish egret

Happy New Years Eve! Great day, a cool morning warming up to a high of 76. Clear and breezy. Birds seemed to be everywhere all day! After going to Merritt Island and spending a couple hours at Black Point Drive this morning, I was once again lured outside in the afternoon by a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. That turned into a walk to the cow pasture where a Red-tailed Hawk circled with the vultures, and a flock of Robins hopped along the ground. What a beautiful way to end 2011! Fills me with hope for what is to come in 2012.

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This is gonna rock.

american coot great blue heron great egret merritt island nwr

The ducks are returning, and the number of wading birds increasing. Oh, but how things go. I miss all the warblers that were passing through, and I guess my friendly Catbird and Ovenbird in the front yard have moved on further as I've not seen them in a few weeks. But now there are flocks of Robins... and much much more to look forward to.

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