The Little Nuthatch — brown pelican

Sand Key Park.

american oystercatcher brown pelican sand key park sandwich tern

Last month I had a craft show in St. Pete and headed to Sand Key Park for a bit of birding and a peaceful walk at the beach to unwind before the long drive home. I also had a beach picnic of take out from Love Food Central, a delicious vegan restaurant in St. Pete. Lots of birds, and so many fledgelings screaming at their parents and being ignored, ha!     Love those shy Oystercatchers!

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Nesting pelicans.

brown pelican merritt island nwr

Here are a few photos from a kayak out to the Indian River, where there is a small protected island for nesting birds. This time it was busy with Brown Pelicans. I didn't see any babies yet, but lots of nests.    

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Bird watching afternoon.

brown pelican common gallinule merritt island nwr osprey wilson's snipe


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Beach days.

brown pelican canaveral national seashore northern gannet

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Egret and Pelican.

brown pelican great egret riverbreeze park

Just a couple photos from Riverbreeze Park a couple days ago. Nice pier out to the Indian River. Plenty of gulls, pelicans, and this Great Egret that got a nice catch!

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