The albino squirrel.

flowers squirrel washington dc

I had the pleasure of visiting Washington DC for the first time during the Cherry Blossom Festival. We spent a full day wandering the National Mall, seeing monuments, and the National Gallery of Art- oh, how I love to see a Monet in person! But what I will share here is the super cute little albino squirrel, white with red eyes.

I thought, how funny I went to Brevard, NC  looking for the white squirrels that the town is known for, but saw none. And then I randomly see one in Washington DC. But the NC squirrels are white squirrels, and the DC squirrel is an actual albino. I searched online to see how common they are, and this particular guy seems to be a popular tourist attraction in DC! But in my search I also found that DC is known for it's BLACK squirrels. I wish I had seen one of those- next time!

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