The Little Nuthatch — squirrel

Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Colorado.

colorado flowers insects rabbit squirrel

Paint Mines Interpretive Park is way out there down dirt roads (thankfully well-kept) through farm country and a couple cute little towns. As a birder I found the drive to be AWESOME, with opportunities to see raptors, grouse, and an abundance of Western Meadowlarks. After the drive, it's kind of amazing when seemingly out of nowhere you come upon the colorful rock formations of the Paint Mines. The photos don't do it justice. There's much to explore and the rocks are towering over you. They are colorful and have different textures. Small flowers are found growing out from the rocks....

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Colorado, Hanging Lake & Sprouting Rock.

american dipper colorado squirrel steller's jay

So I went to Denver, Colorado the last week of June and it was OF COURSE SUPER AMAZING. What a beautiful place and a nice change from Florida at this time of year. The first day we went to Hanging Lake.   It is a rocky 1 mile trek up to the lake. There's a trail in that pile of rocks above, gotta watch your step! View from the almost-top...   The Hanging Lake... Hanging Lake has gorgeous clear water, and then it appears to just hang on the edge of the mountain, or in some spots gently roll over...

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Squirrel lunchtime- I didn't realize they would eat insects like this. Something like a katydid maybe?  

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The albino squirrel.

flowers squirrel washington dc

I had the pleasure of visiting Washington DC for the first time during the Cherry Blossom Festival. We spent a full day wandering the National Mall, seeing monuments, and the National Gallery of Art- oh, how I love to see a Monet in person! But what I will share here is the super cute little albino squirrel, white with red eyes. I thought, how funny I went to Brevard, NC  looking for the white squirrels that the town is known for, but saw none. And then I randomly see one in Washington DC. But the NC squirrels are white squirrels,...

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