Big Talbot Island.

black and white warbler prairie warbler talbot island white-eyed vireo

Here are some more photos from my week of camping at Little Talbot Island. However, these photos are from Big Talbot Island. On Big Talbot I rode the beautiful new bike trail, explored The Bluffs, Black Rock trail, Big Pine trail, and Old King's Highway. Old King's Highway was boring, I didn't even take any photos. But all the other trails were spectacular!!

At the end of Black Rock trail it is like you've walked upon a shipwreck. What a sight of erosion and trees in the water. The Big Pine trail has some big pine trees, but more so than that beautiful old oak  trees with meandering limbs, and an overlook of the marsh. At The Bluffs you have the beach again, and the erosion lessens.

 The bike trail was great for birds. Just a few I was able to snap photos of:


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