The Little Nuthatch — white-eyed vireo

Big Talbot Island.

black and white warbler prairie warbler talbot island white-eyed vireo

Here are some more photos from my week of camping at Little Talbot Island. However, these photos are from Big Talbot Island. On Big Talbot I rode the beautiful new bike trail, explored The Bluffs, Black Rock trail, Big Pine trail, and Old King's Highway. Old King's Highway was boring, I didn't even take any photos. But all the other trails were spectacular!! At the end of Black Rock trail it is like you've walked upon a shipwreck. What a sight of erosion and trees in the water. The Big Pine trail has some big pine trees, but more so...

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This morning.

moss and lichen northern parula snake white-eyed vireo

What a lovely morning to be off work. It was warm and breezy. There were birds singing everywhere. The Red-headed Woodpecker appears to be nesting in the dead pine that the Kestrel likes to sit on, today they were both there, I wonder if they mind one another? I also spooked a couple of Bob White's, sorry to spook them but it's hard to see ground birds when you are too busy looking up! Most of those little warblers and such are so high up in the trees. I had my first sighting of Northern Parula in the yard. Northern...

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Backyard birds.

brown-headed nuthatch carolina chickadee cedar waxwing red-winged blackbird white-eyed vireo yellow-bellied sapsucker

Here are a smattering of photos I've taken here and there of birds in the backyard. Female Red-winged Blackbirds, we had a large flock one late afternoon. Brown-headed Nuthatch... There is a couple that appears to be preparing a nest in an old dead tree. You know when they are there as they vigorously peck away at it! Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Carolina Chickadee Cedar Waxwing White-eyed Vireo

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