The Little Nuthatch — black and white warbler


black and white warbler great egret red-winged blackbird yellow-rumped warbler

Here are some more birds I've seen around my apartment. I am so thankful for that special touch of nature that birds bring to suburban areas with playgrounds and retention ponds. Although, dear birds, I often wonder why you don't fly off to some place nicer...          

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Big Talbot Island.

black and white warbler prairie warbler talbot island white-eyed vireo

Here are some more photos from my week of camping at Little Talbot Island. However, these photos are from Big Talbot Island. On Big Talbot I rode the beautiful new bike trail, explored The Bluffs, Black Rock trail, Big Pine trail, and Old King's Highway. Old King's Highway was boring, I didn't even take any photos. But all the other trails were spectacular!! At the end of Black Rock trail it is like you've walked upon a shipwreck. What a sight of erosion and trees in the water. The Big Pine trail has some big pine trees, but more so...

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Spring warblers.

black and white warbler lake mills park northern parula yellow-rumped warbler

In addition to all the wonderful little chicks, Spring brings migration! Here are some from a morning at Lake Mills Park. Black and White Warbler   Yellow-rumped Warbler Northern Parula

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black and white warbler blue-gray gnatcatcher northern parula yellow-throated warbler

It's warbler time... look at the tops of the trees! Northern Parula Yellow-throated Warbler Black and White Warbler Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

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