Camping at Little Talbot Island's Marsh.

carolina chickadee northern parula snakes talbot island yellow-throated warbler

I went camping at Little Talbot Island (near Jacksonville, FL) during the last week of March. It rained, it was freezing with COLD wind blowing in over the marsh, and finally at the end it warmed up. It was the strangest week of weather and not what Florida usually has to offer in March! On the bright side the weather helped bring in some migratory birds, and strong waves brought interesting things up to the beach. The campground is across the street from the main park with the beach. Our site was shaded by oak trees and overlooked the marsh. There were many little birds flitting around the grasses of the marsh. We also spotted a couple Red-breasted Merganser's, and one lone Sandpiper, along with your usual water birds.


When tide was low, the little crabs came out like crazy!


Here is a view of the marsh from the nature trail. You can't tell, but you can see Kingsley Plantation in the distance- with binoculars!

It was wonderful to wake up to the sound of Chuck Will's Widow every morning. Here are just a few of the MANY birds (+ a snake) I saw on the island:


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