The Little Nuthatch — slime mold

North Carolina Mountains NC Arboretum.

flowers insects north carolina slime mold snakes

Day 2 in North Carolina was spent with visiting, backyard bird watching, and a jaunt to Asheville for supplies. So skip ahead to Day 3, a beautiful day spent at the NC Arboretum! Butterflies galore, and many other little critters too.

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Mushrooms galore!

mushrooms slime mold

Poor little abandoned blog! My family packed up and moved to North Carolina, then I moved as well (at least staying local), all the while taking part in Afflatus Handmade Bazaar and Stitch Rock. I didn't take time off work for any of this, so I am feeling a little crazy! Tomorrow I get to sleep in and I'm so excited, but I'll probably wake up at 4am wide awake. Hopefully I can locate my sketchbook among my packed boxes and work on some Daily Animal Doodles! In the meantime here are some photos from a couple weeks ago, they...

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Weekend walk.

moss and lichen mushrooms slime mold

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Walk in the woods.

insects mushrooms slime mold

Yesterday was my birthday. We went to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World which was very good, geeky, and awesome! The rest of the weekend was low key which is the way I like it. Today I braved the heat and bugs and took some photos outside. Found some cool things!

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