Shorebird chicks.

black-necked stilt green heron merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill willet

Yesterday was the first day of Summer! I got up while it was still dark, and my Mom and I drove over to Merritt Island for some birdwatching. When we got there the sun was up, and making for some beautiful light and sparkling water.

My main hope was to see some baby chicks. It didn't take long before we found this fluffy little Willet chick.

It's parent was in a tree making a fuss.

We saw some other birds...

Then I was about to give up hope on finding any more chicks. We had driven down Gator Road, and Black Point Drive where I had seen so many Black-necked Stilt's nesting about a month ago. But down Bio-Lab Road, I got out to look at a Roseate Spoonbill and there was my Black-necked Stilt family by the shore! One parent was flying overhead and making a lot of noise, the other walking along with baby.

So adorable!

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