The Little Nuthatch — green heron

Green Cay Wetlands.

double-crested cormorant flowers gray-headed swamphen green cay wetlands green heron snake

I visited Green Cay Wetlands down in Boynton Beach, South Florida before participating in a craft show on Saturday. I love fitting in a little exploration whenever time allows. It was my first time visiting Green Cay and it did not disappoint. It is so well maintained, with a nice center, bird feeders throughout, and completely made up of boardwalks. TONS of flowers were blooming EVERYWHERE. It struck me as a perfect time of year to visit. I found a "big lizard" which I looked up online and it appears to be a Brown Basilisk. I don't know how common...

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Black Point Drive.

black-necked stilt green heron insects merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill

Here are some photos from Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge's Black Point Drive (birding drive). It's a bit quiet at this time of year, but still things to see. Always a lot of Green Heron's nesting out there, here are some youngins' out and about with cute fuzz on their heads... Lots of Roseate Spoonbill's... Gorgeous Black-necked Stilt's which are also nest out there... Love that pose! And last but not least, there are bugs everywhere. It's a little stressful trying to keep them out of your car when on the drive. But I enjoy seeing them on the plants......

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Morning at Merritt Island NWR.

black-necked stilt flowers green heron insects merritt island nwr

A few photos here from a short trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Sometimes you don't have time for the full day excursion but a little trip is certainly something to be grateful for!          

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Green Heron's at Merritt Island.

green heron merritt island nwr

My favorite thing about Merritt Island right now is the Green Heron's nesting in the mangroves. There are also Boat-tailed Grackle's with chicks in the nest, and a pair of Eastern Kingbird's building a nest last time I was there. At this point you can see all ages of Green Heron's there. Some are still sitting on the nest, others have little fuzzy heads poking out, while various sizes of chicks perch on branches.  

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Summer is here!

barred owl brown thrasher green heron pileated woodpecker tri-colored heron

Happy first day of Summer! What a great Spring it was. I hope that Summer will be great too. I've been having so much fun outside, but I dread the upcoming heat and mosquitoes. I have held strong in spending 30 minutes outside every day this month. Here are a few photos from this last week and a half. Pileated Woodpecker's   Tri-colored Heron   This gorgeous Barred Owl made my day, and see the little Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher next to it in this photo? That little bird was making a huge fuss when the Owl landed on that tree, but...

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