The Little Nuthatch — north carolina

A few more from North Carolina.

carolina chickadee carolina wren moss and lichen north carolina

I got home from North Carolina last night but I have a  lot more photos to go through. Here are a few more. Carolina Wren. There are cows across the street, they have 5 calves and are so adorable to watch! This is why I am a vegetarian. Carolina Chickadee.

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Botanical Gardens of Asheville.

north carolina

Here are some photos from the Botanical Gardens of Asheville (at UNCA).

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Beaver Lake.

mushrooms north carolina northern flicker turtles

From what I'm heard, Asheville's main spot for birdwatching is Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary. A very neat place for birds and other creatures (including lots of ginormous frogs), and there were many of Asheville's resident birds there, including a little nuthatch! (Sadly no photo of the nuthatch though. Flighty little thing.) This last one is a TERRIBLE photo, but this guy was so cool. A Northern Flicker.

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Officially Spring.

north carolina northern mockingbird

Hello to Spring! I am on vacation in the North Carolina mountains, where they are just getting the first signs of Spring.

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North Carolina song birds.

carolina chickadee dark-eyed junco eastern bluebird north carolina

There is something about winter, where the leaves fall off the trees and suddenly you can pinpoint where the birds are when they are chirping! This is a thing that doesn't really happen in Florida, but in North Carolina it had me up every morning looking for birds in the trees! Just a few of the many song birds I saw... And who might have built this lovely nest?

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