The Little Nuthatch — carolina wren

Only a little outside time for the month of August.

carolina wren insects mushrooms spiders

I have been too busy working for many outdoor adventures, but I did get to spare a couple hours to visit a local park. What wonders! I am crazy about this little mushroom... And many other things... The last one is a very camouflaged insect on a tree trunk. One must look closely in the woods, you never know what you will find.

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The Big Crafty.

carolina wren craft shows maker made mourning dove north carolina northern cardinal

Yesterday was The Big Crafty in downtown Asheville, NC. I had a table selling my art and I had so much fun meeting people! Being a birder and selling bird art is really fun, people will talk birding with me and I got a few tips for the area. The Big Crafty was a huge event with 150 booths!  As you can imagine there was a lot of talent and some great arts and crafts. I was pretty busy with my own table, during the last half hour it was slowing down so I darted around and took a few...

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Bird watching this morning.

carolina wren palm warbler pine warbler red-bellied woodpecker tufted titmouse

Took a walk this morning and did some bird watching. All the usual suspects were out, as well as an Eagle, two pairs of Eastern Bluebirds, and lots of little Warblers.  

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A few more from North Carolina.

carolina chickadee carolina wren moss and lichen north carolina

I got home from North Carolina last night but I have a  lot more photos to go through. Here are a few more. Carolina Wren. There are cows across the street, they have 5 calves and are so adorable to watch! This is why I am a vegetarian. Carolina Chickadee.

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