The Little Nuthatch — roseate spoonbill

A few from Merritt Island.

great egret merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill snowy egret

I am working on so much new art! In the meantime, here are a few bird photos from an overcast day at Merritt Island...  

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A dreary but beautiful morning.

black-necked stilt flowers great blue heron green heron insects merritt island nwr prairie warbler roseate spoonbill

Knowing I was getting out of work early today, all I could think about was finally getting in some bird watching time! So despite the dreary clouds looming overhead I got in my car and was off to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, picked up breakfast at Sunrise Bread Co. and was on the beach by 10:30. Found this beautiful Prairie Warbler on the dune. Unfortunately, also discovered the return of mosquitoes. BIG TIME. Rushed back to car! Green Heron   Great Blue Heron Eventually it did start to rain... Black-necked Stilt. Love their legs.   Roseate Spoonbills in the...

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Oh, the plumage.

american avocet american white pelican cattle egret eastern kingbird great blue heron merritt island nwr mushrooms roseate spoonbill snowy egret white ibis

From Merritt Island last weekend... Snowy Egret   Cattle Egret   White Ibis   Roseate Spoonbill   American White Pelicans   American Avocets   Great White Heron   Great Blue Heron   Sora   Eastern Kingbird

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A "quick" drive on Black Point.

american avocet merritt island nwr northern shoveler roseate spoonbill

  The beauty of Merritt Island never fails! I can not tire of it. This week there was a new addition, a very large colony of Avocets. I love them, they are such elegant birds. And then ducks, so many the water seems to be COVERED in feathers from their preening!

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Merritt Island.

american coot american white pelican glossy ibis great blue heron green heron horned grebe merritt island nwr northern pintail northern shoveler pied-billed grebe reddish egret roseate spoonbill wilson's snipe

Here are some birds from Merritt Island a few days ago. There is so much to see, I could be there all day. There was a Bittern attracting the most attention, I didn't take any photos because it was just so crowded.   The Horned Grebe is my favorite! It's so cute. Horned Grebe Green Heron Coots Northern Shovelers Glossy Ibis Wilson's Snipe Roseate Spoonbill Northern Pintail Reddish Egret Pied-billed Grebe American White Pelicans Great Blue Heron

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