The Little Nuthatch — roseate spoonbill

Shorebird chicks.

black-necked stilt green heron merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill willet

Yesterday was the first day of Summer! I got up while it was still dark, and my Mom and I drove over to Merritt Island for some birdwatching. When we got there the sun was up, and making for some beautiful light and sparkling water. My main hope was to see some baby chicks. It didn't take long before we found this fluffy little Willet chick. It's parent was in a tree making a fuss. We saw some other birds... Then I was about to give up hope on finding any more chicks. We had driven down Gator Road, and...

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Spring birdwatching.

black-bellied whistling duck cattle egret merritt island nwr purple gallinule roseate spoonbill sandhill crane tri-colored heron viera wetlands white ibis

Here are some photos from recent birdwatching adventures, taken at Viera and Merritt Island. This is my first Spring/Summer birdwatching. I used to only go in the Winter but I am addicted now I have to go all the time, and it's so interesting. Black-bellied Whistling Duck. Purple Gallinule. White Ibis. Cattle Egrets. Sandhill Cranes, the young one still learning from it's parents. Tri-color Heron. Roseate Spoonbill. Intensely pink.

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Bio-Lab Road.

belted kingfisher black-necked stilt bobcat merritt island nwr mushrooms roseate spoonbill

I spent last weekend out at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Saturday was a beach day, it felt amazing! But the water is still too cold. I saw a Crested Caracara on the way home which was the most exciting bird sighting of the day, sadly I was driving down a busy road at 60 mph at the time. Sunday was specifically for birdwatching, down Bio-Lab Road. Days later I am still itching from the all the mosquitoes, but it was worth it! Most of the birds were far from the road and not good for photographing, but fun to watch...

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Black Point Drive.

killdeer merritt island nwr pied-billed grebe roseate spoonbill tri-colored heron

Here are some photos from Black Point Drive at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Not too much activity from the birds in the middle of the day, but what a nice way to spend the afternoon before a big Thanksgiving dinner!

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alligator merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill

Every winter I go birdwatching at Black Point Drive, on Merritt Island. It is a beautiful trail that you drive and has many places to walk around. Today was cold and VERY windy so we didn't get out of the car much. The water was high and choppy and the birds were sometimes having trouble flying in all that wind. There were not a many birds as usual, although still plenty, and we also saw an alligator and an otter that walked right across the road! It was lovely, I am never disappointed when I go there, and always inspired!...

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