The Little Nuthatch — white ibis

Myakka River State Park.

moss and lichen myakka river state park white ibis

After my craft show in Sarasota, I stopped by Myakka River State Park on my way home. What an awesome place! They have built a walkway through a canopy and a tower that goes above the canopy and overlooks the entire park with a 360 view. The place is filled with beautiful air plants and lichen painting the trees. This park must have the best air! Sights seen included many birds, alligators, a few deer, and a large turtle crossing the street. I strongly suggest a visit to this park.  

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A cold and windy morning.

alligator american avocet american white pelican canaveral national seashore gopher tortoise merritt island nwr north carolina raccoon tri-colored heron white ibis

On Wednesday a cold front rolled in, bringing clouds and wind up to 30 mph. I had the day off so I headed out to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for the sunrise. With the cloud cover it was no great sunrise, but it was still incredibly beautiful.   The wind!! I often see wild boar in the water, but seeing a raccoon was a first for me.    

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Oh, the plumage.

american avocet american white pelican cattle egret eastern kingbird great blue heron merritt island nwr mushrooms roseate spoonbill snowy egret white ibis

From Merritt Island last weekend... Snowy Egret   Cattle Egret   White Ibis   Roseate Spoonbill   American White Pelicans   American Avocets   Great White Heron   Great Blue Heron   Sora   Eastern Kingbird

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Wading birds.

great blue heron merritt island nwr snowy egret tri-colored heron white ibis

The birds are beautiful out in their breeding plumage. From Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge on Friday... White Morph Great Blue Heron (Great Egret has black legs.) Snowy Egret Great Blue Heron...bad hair day? Juvenile White Ibis Tri-colored Heron

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Spring birdwatching.

black-bellied whistling duck cattle egret merritt island nwr purple gallinule roseate spoonbill sandhill crane tri-colored heron viera wetlands white ibis

Here are some photos from recent birdwatching adventures, taken at Viera and Merritt Island. This is my first Spring/Summer birdwatching. I used to only go in the Winter but I am addicted now I have to go all the time, and it's so interesting. Black-bellied Whistling Duck. Purple Gallinule. White Ibis. Cattle Egrets. Sandhill Cranes, the young one still learning from it's parents. Tri-color Heron. Roseate Spoonbill. Intensely pink.

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