The Little Nuthatch — ruddy turnstone

Ponce Inlet.

ponce inlet purple sandpiper ruddy turnstone

I forgot to post these photos from Ponce Inlet last month. Nothing much, it was a beautiful warm day with blue skies but incredibly windy and sand EVERYWHERE, making it hard to take photos anywhere but on the jetty. There were Black Skimmer's on the beach, I LOVE them, couldn't get a photo but here is a little painting: The are fun to watch, skimming the water for food. On the jetty I did find a Purple Sandpiper and many a Ruddy Turnstone. The sandpiper's on the jetty are not shy at all, they must be fond of the fishermen....

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A warm and sunny afternoon at MINWR.

canaveral national seashore double-crested cormorant killdeer merritt island nwr northern shoveler pied-billed grebe ruddy turnstone

The birds out at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge seem to have doubled since I was last out there! There are Pintails, Mergansers, Shovelers, and many more. The Horned Grebe is the star, it is so cute!! They were pretty far out so I didn't get a photo, but I enjoyed watching them all with my binoculars. It was about 80 degrees out there yesterday in the late afternoon, warm and sunny. I checked Black Point Drive, Bio-Lab, and Playalinda. Lots of seaweed on the beach. Here are a few photos:    

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brown pelican canaveral national seashore ruddy turnstone sanderling

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