The Little Nuthatch — double-crested cormorant

Green Cay Wetlands.

double-crested cormorant flowers gray-headed swamphen green cay wetlands green heron snake

I visited Green Cay Wetlands down in Boynton Beach, South Florida before participating in a craft show on Saturday. I love fitting in a little exploration whenever time allows. It was my first time visiting Green Cay and it did not disappoint. It is so well maintained, with a nice center, bird feeders throughout, and completely made up of boardwalks. TONS of flowers were blooming EVERYWHERE. It struck me as a perfect time of year to visit. I found a "big lizard" which I looked up online and it appears to be a Brown Basilisk. I don't know how common...

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Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

anhinga double-crested cormorant wakodahatchee wetlands

I recently headed down to Delray Beach for Stitch Rock. This year I was in a little room off to the side, sharing the space with new friends, Neo Granny and Benchmade Studio. I had a great time! I've explored very little of the nature in South Florida, so I arrived in Delray Beach early to check out their Wakodahatchee Wetlands before the show. This is a water reclamation facility with a vast boardwalk allowing you to get very close to the birds. I was thrilled to see some Cormorants still nesting there, although not at all with little ones!...

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A warm and sunny afternoon at MINWR.

canaveral national seashore double-crested cormorant killdeer merritt island nwr northern shoveler pied-billed grebe ruddy turnstone

The birds out at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge seem to have doubled since I was last out there! There are Pintails, Mergansers, Shovelers, and many more. The Horned Grebe is the star, it is so cute!! They were pretty far out so I didn't get a photo, but I enjoyed watching them all with my binoculars. It was about 80 degrees out there yesterday in the late afternoon, warm and sunny. I checked Black Point Drive, Bio-Lab, and Playalinda. Lots of seaweed on the beach. Here are a few photos:    

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Blue Springs.

double-crested cormorant frogs turtles

Last weekend I went to Blue Springs State Park with some friends. It is a very popular park known for viewing manatees in the winter. Unfortunately it has already warmed up too much, we only saw one manatee and were probably lucky at that! He was on the other side of the river in some murky water so I cold not even get a photo. Did get a swimming turtle, cormorant, and a little tree frog hiding in a palmetto...

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